ABOUT Chrome23

Chrome23 is an all female rap battle league for women, supporting women, ran by women to push the culture forward equally, if not more so, in a male dominated industry. This league was created with the intention to not only garner opportunity for female battle rappers, but female rappers as a whole.

There is a lack of representation and irrational pay gap for female artists in the hip hop industry that Remy Ma has recognized and is now advocating for, for women to receive the level of respect and recognition that their talent and career deserves.

Founder & Creator

Remy Ma

Remy Ma, an entrepreneur, rapper, actress, talk show host, mother and wife, is recognized throughout the music & entertainment world for her rawness and lyrical craft. The Bronx native began her career in the battle rap scene that led to 20 years of success and relevancy that has pushed her to the forefront of a male-dominated industry. She utilizes her platform and voice to enrich the lives of women and push forward the hip hop culture for female artists. Remy recognizes the double standard in the rap battle scene and is dedicated to creating the same opportunity provided to her at the beginning of her career to female artists that are equally, and in some cases, more talented than their male counterparts.